Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You know you like to watch

After detailing Dayjet website traffic stats here, it's only fair to share some numbers for Discussions' own visitors. 275 unique visitors visited the blog 450 times as of October 30th for 860 total pageviews. While 20 countries sent traffic to the blog, the US and Canada contributed the lions share.

Five states contributed 20 or more visits each, with Florida leading with 75. North Palm Beach leads the Time on Site category with an average 17+ minutes for each of three visits. California had 36 visits from 23 different locations.

Notable companies with visits include; Boeing, Rockwell, AlliedSignal, Deutsche Bank, Embraer, Falcon Jet, NetJets, Gulfstream, Intel, JPMorgan Chase. Who knew Pronto Aircraft still had net billing in its' name? Greenville S.C. had a few visits - coincidentally the home of SatsAir.

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