Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'll take potpourri for $100, Alex

Tell us how you really feel, anonymously inarticulate internet commenter.

Mike Press October Newsletter - Eclipse will need capital to tide them over til ramp up.

Did DayJet sell (or fail to take delivery on) an airframe?

DayJet Nuggets by Sean Broderick of the AirportMagazine.Net.

DayJet jobs.


Anonymous said...

"Peelarat", the anonymous poster of the blog at the top of this thread is most certainly disgruntled (even though he says he's not in his post). He likes to go to other blogs and bad mouth DayJet. The rhetoric is almost identical in THIS thread and THIS post.

He could have a legitimate concern over the financial issues of the company, but judging by his grammar and his vitriol, I doubt that he has CFO knowledge with regards to the financial well being of the company.

His comments with regards to the actual flying experience have been repudiated by just about every single person that has reported on the experience. It's common knowledge in the customer service arena that if you have a bad experience, you tell 10 people and if you have a good experience you may tell two. With the amount of news coming out lauding the merits of this service and the only real detractor by this disgruntled exemployee, I would have to conclude that DayJet is winning.

DayJetStudent said...

He lists his location as the Stan. I'm starting to think he doesn't fight for the right team......:)

Anonymous said...

we'll never use an may be the cheapest, get what you pay is an incomplete aircraft that should have not been certified until all testing was complete....I know many of its shortcomings.....because I currently fly is now for sale, and it is currently grounded due to flight control issues.

Anonymous said...

You have to be crazy to use this service. The incompetent people that manage will show and the $$$ will be lost. Call me what you want maybe you have some attachment? Who cares, I won't fly this dayjet eclipse micro jet that has been put together by a sweat factory.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant? The ignorance only come from fooled people. The many that don't stop to think where
the Spin doctor's of The so called "Corporate inventions get the NEXT best craz". The whole idea behind the so called VLJ is Eclipse and Dayjet to get public support. Build up enough investors on future projections of PROFITS (no one knows when) The Ceo's get rich and the small investors and public lose in the end. THE TRUTH is these people have done it before with Computer tec and are now doing it in a aviation industry. The computer and internet bubble have made these people rich and created the 90's bubble to bankrupt millions in debt and close the small business by 2001.
The goodfellas are back trying to fool you idiot!
Eclipse is a sweat factory for the little jet that sucks. The production is slow because it's the frankinstien of parts coming from all over.
Dayjet's another full of it secret sauce of
spin news... Look at the model real closely and
you see it too...